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Welcome to the wide assortment of options of menus offered by Beth Torah Catering.

We invite you to browse our wide selection of menus created for any occasion, from a simple Kiddush lunch to an all night feast.  For your convenience we have created menus for you to select that will suit most events detailing everything from soup to nuts, down to the per person price. Of course, we can customize any menu to your liking or for your unique event. All of our cooking and baking is done in our commissary, using our own unique recipes.  Our chefs are constantly building our repertoire of fine foods and while we have always been known for our expertise in Iraqi and Israeli or Middle Eastern cuisine, our new expertise conveys East Indian cuisine to kosher audiences to great praise and excitement. The focus of Beth Torah’s Catering is foods with flavor and intensity. Every morsel is created to titillate the palate or simply be a pleasant reminder of the best in that cuisines character. From homemade Chicken Soup to mounds of luscious Israeli spreads and salads replete with a array of flat breads indigenous to the Middle East, to a sizzling platter of East Indian Tandoori Chicken and aromatic Basmati Rice, at a Beth Torah catered event, it is the best it could be.

With our superb staff of waiters and bartenders, we can cater an affair of any size anywhere in the New York metropolitan area.

Contact us for more information and to discuss or reserve your affairs.
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